How to Warm Your Rental House at a Low Cost When It’s Not In Use

How to Warm Your Rental House at a Low Cost When It’s Not In Use

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How to Warm Your Rental House at a Low Cost When It’s Not In Use

How to Keep Rental House Energy Costs Down When It’s Not Being Used

Owning a rental property on the Colorado Western Slope for supplemental income is a smart way to plan for your financial future. To fully maximize your investment, though, you must include home and heating maintenance on your to do list of regular tasks. If not, you run the risk of losing money due to equipment breakdowns or inefficiencies. 

How to Winterize Your Rental House

One task that must be done if your property isn’t rented on a regular basis is winterizing your rental home. Winterizing your secondary home is just as important as caring for your primary residence. Here in the Glenwood Springs area snow and ice are a common occurrence. You don’t want your rental home or your bank account to be at the mercy of the weather. Take the time now to prepare and protect your rental home for the winter cold and precipitation that is sure to come. 

It’s very important to maintain heat at a level that prevents pipes from freezing. Even when the home isn’t occupied, keep the thermostat no lower than 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. An easy way to monitor the temperature and have the versatility to change the indoor environment as needed is by installing a programmable thermostat that is controlled by an app. You can raise or lower the temperature on the thermostat from any electronic device, giving you complete control over the amount of energy that is utilized.

Another important step to take when winterizing your rental home is having good insulation. This will help prevent heat loss and will help keep the humidity at an optimal level. Checking for and repairing any leaks around windows, doors and closing fireplace dampers will go a long way to minimizing wasted energy due to heat loss.

Heating Maintenance From Climate Control Company

Heating system maintenance is very important to lowering energy costs in your rental property. Climate Control Company regularly performs comprehensive heating maintenance to ensure furnaces, heat pumps, mini-splits and radiant heat systems are operating at peak performance. By having your heating system inspected and cleaned by a trained professional you’re being proactive to prevent malfunctions or complete breakdowns. A rental home without heat during a Colorado winter would be a disaster!

Don’t take chances with your real estate investment. Take the first step by calling Climate Control Company today for heating maintenance.