A Thermal Scan by Climate Control can Save $$$

A Thermal Scan by Climate Control can Save $$$

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A Thermal Scan by Climate Control can Save $$$

No one wants to waste money to heat and cool a home, and yet there are many ways you could be losing money every month. The problem is you don’t realize it because you can’t see it happening. But a technician from Climate Control Company can see what’s happening by doing a thermal scan.

Let’s start with radiant heat. Climate Control, your HVAC contractor for Vail and the entire Western Slope, is a huge believer in the comfort, efficiency, and luxury of radiant floor heat. Hydronic radiant heat (we’ll deal with electric systems a bit later) has warm water running through pipes under your floor. It’s rare, but leaks do happen and because you can’t see them, they can cause a lot of damage.

A thermal scanner can show where heat (water) is escaping. It can “see” under the floor of your house, or the concrete floor of a warehouse or business. When a leak is suspected, the last thing you want is someone coming in and guessing where it might be while workers tear up the entire floor trying to locate it. The thermal scan shows exactly where the leak is occurring, simplifying the repair process. Although electrical radiant systems aren’t as common, the scan works the same. It can show any short circuits causing hot spots in the heating elements.

We want to emphasize problems like this are rare and should not scare you away from radiant heating systems. Differing forms of radiant heat have been in use since the days of the Roman Empire. Climate Control has been doing radiant and other forms of HVAC installations in Aspen and the surrounding areas for decades. We can safely say we are a big believer in the advantages of radiant floor heat.

A thermal scan is also valuable if you are using a forced air system for heating and/or cooling. The scanner can show where conditioned air is escaping from your ductwork, and can also detect airflow issues inside the ducts. In many cases, ductwork problems can allow up to one-fourth of the conditioned air to escape before it ever reaches the rooms of your house.

No matter what type of heating and cooling is in your home, a thermal scan can also locate problems in the shell of the house. The scanner will show where conditioned air is escaping or outside air is coming in because of poor insulation or leaky doors and windows. Simply put, no visual home inspection can spot the problems we can see with the scanner.

To learn more about how thermal scanning by a professional technician can protect your home water damage and cut your monthly bills, call Climate Control Company, the heating and air conditioning experts you call whenever you have a problem in your Aspen home or rental property. Part of the reason we like to call ourselves the problem solvers.