Steps to Take to Shut Down Your Evaporative Cooler For Fall

Steps to Take to Shut Down Your Evaporative Cooler For Fall

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Steps to Take to Shut Down Your Evaporative Cooler For Fall

How to Properly Shut Down Your Evaporative or Swamp Cooler for Fall

If you use an evaporative or swamp cooler to keep your indoor space comfortable and cool over the summer, it’s time to think about winterizing this important piece of air conditioning equipment. Failing to complete this vital step before fall could result in a serious breakdown or even a complete system failure when the swamp cooler is needed again next year. Like furnaces and other HVAC equipment, swamp cooler manufacturers typically require proper maintenance to keep warranties valid.

Winterizing your swamp cooler shouldn’t be considered a weekend DIY project but should be left to trained HVAC professionals to ensure no critical step is overlooked. The skilled technicians at Climate Control Company have the expertise to complete this important seasonal task for you. 

Every swamp cooler installation has subtle differences, but the process of shutting down your swamp cooler usually includes these five steps:

  1. We’ll turn off the water supply to the swamp cooler and disconnect the water line from the unit.
  2. The technician will then mechanically blow out any water from within the system to ensure no residual water remains that could potentially freeze and damage the unit. Any standing water at the base will also be removed to prevent corrosion and possible damage over the winter.
  3. The swamp cooler will be thoroughly cleaned and checked to ensure no parts are broken or worn.
  4. The evaporative pads will be changed as per the manufacturer’s specifications, so the swamp cooler will be ready to use in the spring.
  5. Finally, a cover will be placed over the swamp cooler to prevent cold air from entering the indoor space. If your unit has a damper, it will be closed to further aid in keeping the cold air out.

While winterizing your swamp cooler may seem easy, it’s best to trust maintaining it to the experts at Climate Control Company. Call today to schedule an appointment for fall maintenance on your swamp cooler.