Radiant Heating: 5 Advantages For Your Comfort And Pocketbook

Radiant Heating: 5 Advantages For Your Comfort And Pocketbook

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What do you know about radiant heat? If you’ve heard it’s the most comfortable way to heat your home from the ground up, then you have a general idea of what radiant heating is capable of. There are three main types of radiant floor heating: air, electric and hydronic.

Because hydronic systems are the most cost-effective option, they are also the most popular. Here are five primary advantages that improve your comfort and benefit your pocketbook if you choose radiant heat for your Western Colorado home:

  • Efficiency: Baseboard heating is a similar home heating method, but radiant heat is more efficient. It’s also usually more efficient than popular forced-air heating because the energy loss associated with ductwork doesn’t exist with radiant heat.
  • Cost: Hydronic radiant heating systems consume very little electricity when keeping your home warm, which helps to keep monthly utility bills low. This also benefits people living off the grid or in areas with high electricity prices. Plus, with radiant heat, you power the system at night when electricity costs are lower and it radiates heat all day, keeping your home warm at a much lower price than more conventional means.
  • No moving air: This is particularly beneficial for homeowners with allergies. The air pumped through the home by a furnace can be laden with allergens while sweeping settled dust into the air. No moving air also results in noiseless comfort.
  • Many energy sources available: Hydronic systems have several options, including standard electricity, gas-, oil- or wood-fired boilers, solar water heaters or any combination of these.
  • Better thermal control: The piping in hydronic systems is filled with water and pumped beneath the floor in each room. Through a system of zoning valves, you can control the temperature in each room. Even without zoning valves, a steady, even rise of warm air prevents hot and cold pockets that are common with forced-air heating.

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