How Is Sick Building Syndrome Diagnosed?

How Is Sick Building Syndrome Diagnosed?

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How Is Sick Building Syndrome Diagnosed?

There has been an explosion of internet searches concerning things like indoor air quality (IAQ) and how it relates to COVID. Climate Control Company knows that’s a good thing because knowledge is power, but the concerns about and consequences of poor IAQ are nothing new. It goes back decades to the discovery of something called Legionnaires Disease and the birth of the term sick building syndrome (SBS).


This term drives home the importance of maintaining good commercial indoor air quality here in Glenwood Springs, Aspen, and Vail, CO. The syndrome is an illness thought to be caused by being in a building or other type of enclosed space. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, poor indoor air quality can be found in about 30 percent of buildings that are either new or remodeled. There can be a wide range of symptoms, many are similar to the cold virus. If your symptoms improve when you are away from the building, only to come back when you return, you should suspect sick building syndrome.


The world learned a lot about SBS decades before anyone heard about the COVID19 strain of the Coronavirus. The year was 1976 and members of the American Legion attended a convention at a hotel in Philadelphia. Shortly after, many of them got sick with what appeared to be a form of pneumonia resistant to normal antibiotics. In a matter of about three weeks nearly 200 attendees had fallen ill and 29 died from what came to be called Legionnaires Disease. After months of investigation, researchers confirmed a new strain of bacterium. It was later determined the Legionella bacteria thrived in the cooling towers of large buildings like the hotel where the convention was held. The bacteria then spread through the commercial air conditioning system. 


This little history lesson, and what’s happened in the last year and-a-half, should again drive home the importance of maintaining healthy indoor air quality in your Glenwood Springs, Aspen, or Vail, CO commercial building. If there’s any hint of sick building syndrome or you just want to be sure your indoor air quality is as healthy as possible, call Climate Control Company now to schedule an appointment. We will make sure your commercial air conditioning is not only operating at peak efficiency but is also creating a healthy environment for workers and tenants. Learn more about the services we offer to our commercial clients by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.