Buying HVAC Equipment: Who’s The Best Person To Entrust Your Comfort And Investment?

Buying HVAC Equipment: Who's The Best Person To Entrust Your Comfort And Investment?

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Buying HVAC equipment requires the services of a professionally certified heating and cooling contractor to help you choose the right system for your home. An HVAC equipment purchase is a major home investment that requires careful research and thought for your family’s comfort, health and safety. Buying HVAC equipment from just anyone or from a website online can result in the wrong equipment purchase for a variety reasons, including incorrect sizing for your home.

People often think that buying HVAC equipment online saves money, but instead, it often costs more in the end. For your heating and cooling equipment to work efficiently, an HVAC contractor must complete an in-home assessment – something that obviously cannot be done online. The contractor must analyze the square footage of your home, the numbers of windows and specific placement, the home’s insulation and more. After completing this assessment, an HVAC professional calculates the British Thermal Unit (BTU) energy needs of the home and sizes the equipment accordingly. The HVAC professional then offers multiple purchase options professionally designed to fit your home’s specific needs and budget.

While you can certainly purchase heating and cooling equipment online, getting it installed may create another problem. Most HVAC contractors won’t install a system they cannot warranty and you did not purchase from them. If you do find contractor to install equipment purchased online, the installation likely will cost more than when you purchase the equipment directly from the HVAC contractor.

HVAC professionals who choose to adhere to the highest professional standards participate in the North American Technical Excellence (NATE) testing and certification program. This voluntary certification ensures the expertise and professionalism of the HVAC contractor with whom you decide to work. After buying equipment from a state-licensed and certified HVAC contractor, the contractor can offer a maintenance and service plan for the equipment to ensure a long-lasting comfortable and safe living environment.

If you’re considering buying hearing and cooling equipment for your Colorado home, don’t make the mistake of choosing a system from just anyone just because the price seems right. Contact the Climate Control Company to receive a written analysis of your home and HVAC equipment needs.

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