How HVAC Contractors Increase Lifespans of Furnaces

How HVAC Contractors Increase Lifespans of Furnaces

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How HVAC Contractors Increase Lifespans of Furnaces

Increase the Lifespan of Your Furnace With Regular Maintenance from an HVAC Contractor

Extending the life of the HVAC unit in your Colorado business is one of the ways you can make sure your space is safe and comfortable throughout the year. Climate Control Company is here to help businesses in Glenwood Springs, Vail, and Roaring Fork, CO. Regular visits from one of our HVAC contractors can ensure that your furnace remains intact, but there are also some things you can do in between visits to keep your HVAC unit working well. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance with an HVAC Contractor

It’s best to schedule unit maintenance once or twice a year. HVAC contractors will clean and inspect your system before deciding if any repairs are necessary. Our team will make sure your unit is properly connected and check the condition of the wires to see if they need to be replaced. The technician will also check if your system is calibrated, burning correctly, check gas lines for leaks and overall efficiency to ensure your space is being properly heated.

When you count on Climate Control Company for commercial heating, you can take advantage of our maintenance plans. With these plans, you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment. We’ll call to remind you to set up your annual maintenance appointment with an HVAC contractor.

When you maintain your HVAC system, it is less likely to break down. Regular maintenance also keeps small problems from becoming bigger issues.

Change the Air Filter

Our team recommends you change your filters regularly. Your HVAC system will require either a 90-day or 30-day filter. Check the filters often and replace them as needed. There are several filters available that will block bacteria, pollen and debris from entering into your building’s air supply. Check the replacement schedule for the filter and be sure to adhere to it.

The team at Climate Control Company is committed to providing quality service that will keep your furnace and HVAC units running smoothly throughout the year. Call to schedule your maintenance appointment with an HVAC contractor for your furnace or HVAC unit in Glenwood Springs, Vail, or Roaring Fork, CO, to ensure your staff stays warm this winter.