How to Unclog a Condensate Pump Before Calling a Professional

How to Unclog a Condensate Pump Before Calling a Professional

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How to Unclog a Condensate Pump Before Calling a Professional

Condensed water that forms as a result of cooling outside warm air for indoor comfort during the summer months and heating the air to keep your home warm and cozy during the Western Slope winters has to be removed from the unit to keep it working properly. If your HVAC is not designed to drain condensation on its own, chances are your system includes a condensate pump. 

A condensate pump is used when gravity on its own isn’t enough, making the pump an important component in the overall operation of the HVAC system. A condensate pump may also be used with hydronic heating, which is very common in the Vail, Aspen and Glenwood Springs, Colorado areas. 

Should the pump become clogged, the water will not drain properly away from the unit. If left uncorrected, you could end up with a major malfunction or complete shutdown of your heating or cooling system. Climate Control Company has trained technicians available to handle any issues with your AC or heating system, including unclogging a condensate pump. Avoid the hassle and headache of handling this challenge on your own. Call Climate Control Company today.

Signs Your Condensate Pump May Be Clogged

  • You’ve noticed standing water near your HVAC unit or furnace. 
  • You’ve heard strange noises coming from your unit.
  • The pump sounds like it’s struggling to work.

If any of these indicators are present, the problem could be a clogged condensate pump, but further investigation will be required. If you’re still committed to unclogging your condensate pump, there are some steps you can do before calling the professionals at Climate Control. Before you begin, though, it’s very important to have the proper tools readily available.

Steps to Further Diagnose the Problem

  • Make sure the pump is getting power. If not hardwired, make sure it’s firmly plugged in. If hardwired, check that no breakers have been tripped.
  • Check the pipes going into and out of the pump for mold or algae growth. If either is present, clean thoroughly with a stiff brush. If the clogs aren’t easily removed, you’ll need a wet/dry vacuum to clean the lines properly.
  • To determine if cleaning any clogs has solved your issue, pour water into the hole for the large PVC pipe. If the condensate pump is working properly, you should hear it come on (a soft humming sound). After a short time, water should begin coming out the other end of the pump.

If after completing these diagnostic steps, your condensate pump still seems clogged or not working properly, it’s a safe bet you definitely need a professional technician.

The experts at Climate Control Company are thoroughly trained to discern if your condensate pump is clogged. They will quickly and efficiently inspect the problem and repair or replace your condensate pump if necessary. Schedule your appointment today.