How Much Value Will A New HVAC System Add to My Home?

How Much Value Will A New HVAC System Add to My Home?

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How Much Value Will A New HVAC System Add to My Home?

Climate Control Company is not in the business of predicting the real estate market, but if you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future you want to give yourself every advantage. That’s especially true if it happens to be a buyer’s market. When buyers can afford to be fussy then every feature in your house can affect the resale value, including your HVAC systems.

Are new systems worth the cost?

There is no one right answer to that question. We’re not going to sit here and say you’ll get all your money back from an HVAC replacement by selling your house for more money. We will say a good rule of thumb is you can see a 35% to 50% return on investment. More importantly, new heating and/or cooling systems can help get buyers interested. Consider this scenario: A family is trying to decide between two Glenwood Springs, CO houses that are similar in nearly all respects. One has a 15-year-old central A/C system. The other has a virtually new system. Which one do you think they are more likely to choose?

The R-22 factor

No conversation about replacing your current system is complete without mentioning this. As of January 1,2020, R-22 refrigerant (R22) is banned. If your A/C or heat pump was installed before 2010, chances are it uses R-22. After the ban takes effect the only R-22 available is what can be recycled from current supplies. The price for this refrigerant is already sky-high and will only get more expensive. If your central A/C uses R-22 it would likely be a big turn-off for potential buyers.

Choosing the right system

If you have decided HVAC replacement is the best option to help sell your home, the next challenge is choosing the right system. There are several factors to consider:

Brand name

Right or wrong this does matter to many people. You will find more people are comfortable with a brand they’ve heard about. It’s one reason why we feature Lennox heating and cooling systems.

Energy efficiency

This is a huge plus for many home buyers. Everyone loves saving money on monthly utility bills. It will usually pay to install the most efficient heating and cooling systems you can afford. This also plays into the next factor.

Going green

Colorado is a state where people pride themselves on taking care of the environment. Going green is almost always a good investment. If, for example, your home has some solar or geothermal capabilities it can be a huge selling point.

Correct size is critical

HVAC replacements must be the right size to properly heat and cool your home based on the square footage and design. Units that are too large or too small are inefficient and create long-term problems.

Regular maintenance sells

If your current systems are working well and aren’t too old, HVAC replacement may not be the best choice. Call Climate Control to determine if any repairs are needed. If work is done make sure you keep all the receipts. Additionally, proof of regular maintenance over the years can be a great way to put a home buyer’s mind at ease and increase resale value.

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