Home Dust-Control Measures That Work

Home Dust-Control Measures That Work

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The most frustrating thing about dust is that it always seems to come back, no matter how much you clean. If you just can’t seem to get dust under control in your household, consider these simple yet effective home dust control measures.

Take Care of Your Carpet

Thick carpeting is a dust magnet that never gets completely clean. One of the best things you can do for dust control is to remove wall-to-wall carpeting and replace it with hardwood flooring and a few small area rugs. Area rugs attract less dust and are easier to clean. If you can’t part with your wall-to-wall carpet, dust can be reduced through frequent vacuuming and treatment with tannic acid.

Don’t Ignore Your Furnace Filters

The air filters in your furnace remove a lot of dust from your air, and the higher quality filters you use, the more dust and other particles they will remove. Filters can be judged by the MERV-rating printed on the packaging; look for filters with a rating of at least 8. High-efficiency filters may need to be changed more often because they catch more particles in the air and get dirty more quickly

Clean Wisely

No matter what you do, you may still need to dust occasionally. When you do, use a damp cloth instead of a dry rag or a feather duster. Start high and work your way down. Also, ditch your broom and use a mop instead. Mops actually pick up dust, while brooms essentially just move it around and release it into the air.

Consider Investing In Air Cleaners

Air cleaners catch a wide variety of particles, including dust, pollen, dander and mold, and they even remove smoke and cooking odors. A good portable air cleaner can effectively reduce airborne dust in a single room, which might not mean you never have to dust again, but it will certainly make your life a little easier. For whole-house air purification, consider a whole-house system.

Home dust control might seem like a constant battle, but you don’t have to fight it alone. For assistance and advice to help you eliminate dust, contact Climate Control Company. We’ve been serving western Colorado since 1956.

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