Save a Pot of Gold with Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Save a Pot of Gold with Energy Efficient Water Heaters

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! You might be attempting to convince a leprechaun into handing over his pot of gold, but we here at Climate Control Company want you to know that it’s not necessary.

Not when there’s gold to be saved by switching to an energy efficient water heater in your home.

An energy efficient water heater not only can keep your cash in your pocket by reducing your overall utility costs but also is better for the environment since less energy is being used. Many newer, more efficient tankless models prevent you from having to needlessly use electric or gas to heat water.

Depending on how large your home is, where you live and the amount you use your AC unit, you can enjoy substantial annual savings on your water bill. We’re sure you can agree that an extra chunk of change in your pocket is always welcome.

It doesn’t take the luck of the Irish to get those savings; just call the experts at Climate Control Company. We can help you choose an energy efficient water heater and have it installed in no time so you can start saving some coin today. It will be our St. Paddy’s Day gift to you!