The Ductless Heating And Cooling System: An Energy-Efficient Heat Pump, And More

The Ductless Heating And Cooling System: An Energy-Efficient Heat Pump, And More

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Heat Pumps Work!

When homeowners in western Colorado require alternative HVAC solutions, they’re increasingly turning to the ductless heating and cooling system. Not only does an efficient heat pump power a ductless mini split system, but it’s easy to install such as the system when you’re adding a room or section to your home.

ductless heating and cooling system is comprised of a single outdoor unit, the condenser/compressor (similar to a standard split-system A/C or heat pump), and up to four indoor air handlers. As opposed to a conventional split system that utilizes a single large indoor air handler to supply the home with conditioned air, ductless systems use “mini” air handlers, each installed in a single room or area. That’s why they’re also referred to as the ductless “mini-split.”

Install a ductless heating and cooling system, and you’ll benefit from:

  • Flexible installation – Adding on a room above the garage? Install a single mini-split there. Renovating your basement or creating a four-season porch? Extend the mini-split to those locations – and all without having to retrofit your home’s ductwork to extend the central furnace or air conditioner.
  • Improved comfort – You can control each individual air handler in isolation, allowing you to boost the heating output of a single air handler to deliver more heated air into that space, without affecting other living spaces.
  • Savings – When you can shut down the air handler when you’re not using a room or rooms, you’ll save energy, because you’re not paying to heat or cool a space when it’s not in use.
  • Efficiency  Heat pumps are highly effective heat-transferring systems in a neat and tidy package. However, there’s nothing “mini” about their efficiency. Because heat pumps are designed to move heat from one location to another, they can achieve very high efficiency ratings, particularly during the heating season. And advancements in heat pump technologies now enable these systems to operate better in colder temperatures, whereas in the past, heat pumps lost their heating effectiveness when the temperatures fell below freezing for extended periods.

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