When You Should Consider Professional Duct Cleaning

When You Should Consider Professional Duct Cleaning

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Your home’s ductwork, a series of interconnected tubing that delivers conditioned air to the spaces in your home, may develop a variety of conditions that require professional duct cleaning services. In general, duct cleaning doesn’t need to be performed annually, as does preventive maintenance, but if you see signs of the problems listed below, call a professional for help.

  • Mold in the ducts. Mold growth is a problem that can cause significant health issues. You may actually notice mold growth on your heating and cooling system first, since its components are relatively easier to access than ducts. If mold is present on the HVAC equipment, it makes sense that mold spores can be blown into ducts and make a permanent home there. If you experience moisture issues in your home, or you have clear evidence of mold growth in the home or the HVAC equipment, have your ducts inspected for mold, too.
  • Insect or rodent infestation. Ducts are a relatively safe and warm environment in which rodents and insects may gather. As conditioned air blows through the ducts, that movement of air may blow residue and droppings from critters and insects into your living spaces. This can aggravate allergies and asthma, and is just plain filthy.
  • Dust accumulation in the supply registers. Over time, there may be a natural accumulation of excessive dust inside the ducts; however, other issues, such as leaky ducts, can cause excessive dust too. You will notice more dust than usual released from the supply ducts, or those that deliver heated or cooled air into your home, as an indication that large amounts of dust have gathered inside the ductwork.

Even if you don’t see signs of mold, vermin or dust accumulation, most experts agree that homeowners should have duct cleaning performed every three to five years. In addition, some experts recommend duct cleaning after home remodeling projects and when you first move into a home.

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