Photocatalytic Oxidation: A Promising Air Purification Technique

Photocatalytic Oxidation: A Promising Air Purification Technique

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Photocatalytic Oxidation: A Promising Air Purification TechniqueFall is a good time of year to think about air purification for your home. Winter’s on its way, and that means you’ll be closing your home up tightly to keep the freezing temperatures out. When you don’t get fresh air from outside, pollutants accumulate inside your home unless you find a way to control them. 

If you’re looking for an effective air purification system, consider photocatalytic oxidation (PCO).

What is photocatalytic oxidation?

PCO is what you get when you combine UV light with a titanium oxide filter. Without getting too technical, the process creates highly reactive electrons that attach themselves to organic particles in your air and cause a reaction that changes their structure.

The particle is essentially split into carbon dioxide and water molecules, which are both harmless.

What are the benefits of photocatalytic oxidation?

PCO purifiers are becoming more common because they offer benefits that other purification and filtration cannot provide:

  • Efficiency – While PCO filters don’t directly improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, they do help it indirectly. In the past, you would have needed a thick HEPA filter to remove small particles such as viruses and bacteria from your air. Those thick filters hinder airflow to your HVAC equipment, which causes strain on the components and forces the system to run longer and harder. Photocatalytic oxidization is provided by UV light rays that don’t affect airflow. In fact, they decrease the number of organic particles in your air so your filter stays clean longer and helps your system remain efficient.
  • Effectiveness – PCO bulbs work the same way as UV systems but PCO lights emit stronger rays and additional wavelengths that break the organisms down more quickly and efficiently. They’re also safer for human exposure than ozone and ionization cleaners and destroy more allergens for households with asthma and allergy issues.

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