A/C Unit Too Small For The Square Footage Of Our Home. Now What?

A/C Unit Too Small For The Square Footage Of Our Home. Now What?

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A/C Unit Too Small For The Square Footage Of Our Home. Now What?

If you’ve spent much time playing cards for money or fun you have likely heard the saying, “Go big or stay home.” It’s usually in reference to making sure you play a large enough trump card to make sure your opponent doesn’t over-trump you.

The phrase doesn’t always apply to central air conditioners because having a unit that’s too large is going to be inefficient and cost extra money.  However on the other hand, at Climate Control Company, we also hear stories from home and business owners who are—through no fault of their own—stuck with undersized cooling systems. The result is a house or building in Glenwood Springs, CO, or other locations on the Western Slope that is uncomfortable.

Preventing The Problem In The First Place

A little bit later we’ll talk about some possible solutions if the problem already exists, but just like your health, it’s a lot better to prevent the disease than treat the symptoms. It’s critical you choose an HVAC contractor who understands the math and science behind cooling (or heating) a home.

There are complicated formulas to determine the correctly sized air conditioner. If any contractor tries to sell you an HVAC replacement without taking careful measurements and closely examining the design of your house, you are asking for trouble.

If you are buying an existing home be sure to have the system inspected by your own HVAC contractor. Remember, a home inspector only determines if the HVAC systems are working. He or she likely is NOT qualified to determine if the correct system was installed.

What To Do If You’re Already Stuck With The Problem

The best option is to approach the contractor who installed the system for you or the people who sold you the home. If there’s evidence of an intentional effort to misrepresent the situation or proof an improper system was installed for whatever reason, there is a chance you can get the problem fixed at little or no cost.

If that’s not an option, there are several other ways to address the problem:

  • Ductless mini split systems to cool specific areas
  • Adding a second central unit attached to existing ductwork
  • Add shades or blinds on all windows and use them regularly

The Best Choice Might Be Total HVAC Replacement

Just like when you’re sitting at the card table, sometimes the best choice is to cut your losses. If you’re stuck with an undersized air conditioner it’s going to hurt the resale value of your house. Climate Control features efficient new central air conditioners from Lennox and Mitsubishi. When you choose us to do the job you can be assured our experts will design a custom system to meet the demands of your home.

Serving The Western Slope Since 1956

Our motto is, “Comfort driven, Colorado style” because your comfort is our top priority. We offer a comprehensive array of heating and cooling products and services. We really can’t help you in that card game, but we will make sure we go just big enough when it comes to your air conditioner. You can also depend on us for emergency service 24/7 in Glenwood Springs, CO and the Roaring Fork and Vail Valleys. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.