Air Conditioning in Glenwood Springs: A Solution for Every Customer in Time for A Hot Summer

Air Conditioning in Glenwood Springs: A Solution for Every Customer in Time for A Hot Summer

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ac unitThis summer Glenwood Springs is expected to be hotter than normal, with above-normal rainfall. The hottest periods will be in mid and late June, early July, and mid- to late July. Your air conditioning unit will be working overtime during these periods – are you prepared?

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is North America’s oldest continuously published periodical, and since 1792 has been deemed one of the most reliable sources of predictive information regarding forecasts, planting charts, sunrise charts, and more. With a prediction for the summer published as hotter than average, your neighbors and local businesses are calling Climate Control Company to purchase a new HVAC system or have preventative maintenance done.

Installing a new system or having your current one tuned-up for the summer can make a big difference when it comes not only to comfort, but also to health and aesthetic appearances, too. There are different types of systems available to suit any circumstance – even when a centuries-old barn needs air conditioning without losing its aesthetic charm, as is demonstrated in a case study presented by Mitsubishi Electric Equipment:

Challenge Accepted: Modern Air Conditioning in a 230-Year Old Barn

In Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, Dean Carlson wanted to convert a 230-year old stone barn into a restaurant and market. The challenge presented was to install an advanced air conditioning system without losing any of the character and charm of the barn. Thanks to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning technology from Mitsubishi Electric, the project was completed without the owner having to compromise anything!

In his new restaurant he wanted temperature, sound, and visuals all to remain intact, as to contribute to the aura of the building–it worked beautifully–with no ugly ductwork, no loud fans or noisy units, and no excuses! The project was a success, demonstrating why the Mitsubishi mini-split is a great idea for commercial use.

See the whole case study on the Mitsubishi Electric Website.

Saving Energy, Saving Money and Updating HVAC without Disrupting Business

There really is a solution available to residents and businesses alike that can be ideal for meeting needs without compromising anything, be it business, aesthetics and atmosphere, or anything else. In the Dominican Republic city of Santo Domingo, Banco del Progreso was founded in 1974. The area today is home to almost one million people, and the bank’s Naco branch is right in the center of the financial city district. When this building was built in 1988, a fluke package unit was installed for cooling that was desperately needed in this hot climate. However, modern times have called for an upgrade to a more efficient, environmentally friendly solution. Mitsubishi Electric’s Variable Refrigerant Flow zoning system was the answer to the problem of a lack of efficiency in the climate control of the bank.

The VRF zoning system provided significant energy savings (60%, to be exact!) and offered a quiet system with installation that never disrupted business. The new system uses only 9.5 kW in a 48-hour time period as opposed to the old system, which used 24 kW. It’s another case study demonstrating the success of the Mitsubishi mini-split for commercial use.

See the whole case study on the Mitsubishi Electric Website.

Finding A Solution to Every Need for Air Conditioning in Glenwood Springs

There is a solution available in Glenwood Springs for every type of air conditioning need, and with summer projected to be hotter than normal, every resident and business can keep cool and comfortable, regardless of any special circumstances that may be present.

Since 1956, Climate Control Company has excelled at matching the needs of our clients with the very best system to suit those needs. Contact us today and get started on the path to better efficiency, cooler indoor temperatures, and happy people in your place – no challenge is too big, too unique or too out of reach!


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