Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air. Now What?

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Unfortunately, air conditioners are prone to let us down at the most inopportune time: at the peak of summer. Coming home and finding that the temperature inside your house is almost as hot as the temperature outside is an issue no one wants to deal with. A major system mechanical failure could be the problem, but the good news it could also be a relatively easy fix. Performing regular maintenance and checking on refrigerant levels are two places to start when troubleshooting the problem.

One of the most important components of maintenance is checking for refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant leaks can lead to system inefficiency and even failure, and also can pose a threat to the ozone layer and our environment. Studies have also shown that air conditioning systems just one-half pound low on refrigerant can result in as much as a 20% increase in usage, leading to higher utility bills.

Air conditioning systems more than a few years old generally use R-22 refrigerant, a gas that the Environmental Protection Agency has proclaimed a banned substance after Jan. 1, 2020. Systems that use R-22 may still be serviced and charged if needed until the deadline, but it’s not too early to plan for a new system. Newer systems that use more environmentally-friendly refrigerants such as R-410A should be considered. In the meantime, you need to monitor your system for any possible leaks. If your A/C is not cooling the way it should or you suspect it may have a leak, schedule immediate service.

It can’t be stated enough: cleaning and replacing your system’s air filter will also help your air conditioner do its job. Clogged, dirty air filters can lead to a decrease in your home’s indoor air quality and damage to the air conditioner’s evaporator. A damaged evaporator can lead to your system being unable to cool the air as efficiently and increases your electricity usage.

As the heat and humidity of summer continues to assault your home comfort system, do your part to help it keep running and keep costly A/C repairs at bay. Perform regular maintenance, and check your refrigerant levels and air filter more often during the cooling months to keep your system running smoothly. Call Climate Control Company today to schedule a system tune-up.

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Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air. Now What?
When your air conditioner stops cooling, most people assume the system is broken. In fact, it could be a variety of things. Here is what to do if you system blows hot air


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