Time To End The Thermostat War

Do you and your spouse or other family members differ on what the thermostat is set on? Or perhaps there are hot and cold spots in your home or some rooms or areas that do not heat or cool the way they should. This can be caused by a plethora of reasons including inadequate system installation, inconsistent or ineffective maintenance or even an improperly functioning thermostat. Leaks in your system’s duct network can also lead to uneven heating/cooling.

If your home is plagued by these issues, it may be time to consider an HVAC zoning system. A zoning system allows divides your home into separate zones and permits you to customize the climate control in each zone. Usually, the home is divided into zones that feature similar HVAC needs. Zoning facilitates individual control of temperatures in each zone by utilizing its own dedicated thermostat. This means that a lower/higher temperature can be set and maintained in the downstairs living room than in the upstairs bedrooms.

Here are some good reasons to install a zoning system in your home:

  • Control. Zoning gives you the control concerning where and when your system is running. It also makes it possible to set the temperature in each zone with one remote control or with a central control panel in one room, eliminating the need to go into each room.
  • Efficiency. By shutting off and reducing heating and cooling in areas of your home not in use, zoning increases the efficiency of your system and may save you as much as 30 percent on your heating and cooling bills.
  • Comfort. It is difficult to effectively control the temperature in different rooms with just one thermostat. This is especially true of multi-level homes that feature temps that differ from floor to floor. In addition, other temperature variation problems such as shading, vaulted ceilings, etc. can be neutralized as each zone’s thermostat individually monitors the temperature.

If you are experiencing uneven heating and cooling issues in your home or you just want to make climate control more convenient and efficient, call CCC today to learn more about system zoning options. Also, for a limited time, you may be eligible for an iHarmony® zoning system rebate of $100 with the purchase of a complete Lennox home comfort system.

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Time To End The Thermostat War
Keeping a home climate controlled to the satisfaction of all is tough. This can often result in above normal use and increased wear and tear.


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