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Comfort Driven, Colorado Style…Since 1956. What Does This Mean for You?

When you hear of a company in any industry that has been in business for many, many years, you may instinctively trust that company to provide you with excellent products and services. After all, any company who does not continuously provide great customer satisfaction wouldn’t be in business for too …

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Try These HVAC Upgrades to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the air you breathe inside is more polluted than what you breathe outdoors? Your indoor air contains moisture, odors, allergens and other pollutants that build up over time. You can improve your indoor-air quality by installing certain HVAC upgrades. Here are four of the top upgrades you …

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How’s Your Air Filter Knowledge? There’s More to Know Than Just When to Change It

Springtime has taken hold in Glenwood Springs, and it’s time to think about air conditioner maintenance. One of your most important summertime maintenance tasks is making sure your air filter is clean. You probably know that you should check the air filter in your HVAC system monthly and replace it when it’s …

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Carry Utility Bill Energy Savings Through the Summer Months Ahead

So you’re getting ready to turn the air conditioning on — if you haven’t already — and you’re concerned about your energy bills. Fortunately, keeping your home cool this summer doesn’t have to bankrupt you. By following these simple tips, you can take charge of your energy bills and have …

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A Humidifier Can Make Your Vail Summers More Pleasant

For many Americans, dry air is a winter problem. But for many Colorado residents, dry high-altitude air can be an issue year-round. Fortunately, this is a problem that’s easily remedied with the use of a home humidifier.

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Smart Thermostats: Don’t Go Away From Home Without One

If you use a smart phone or a home or work computer, you have the potential to enjoy personalized comfort and energy savings at the convenience of your fingertips. With WiFi and online capabilities, you’re never too far away from optimal home comfort.

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Ventilation: Don’t Neglect It as Part of Your Overall Indoor Air Quality Strategy

So you’ve sealed and insulated your western Colorado home for maximum energy efficiency. That’s great. But have you paid attention to your ventilation? Without a healthy exchange of air, your indoor air quality will suffer. Excess moisture, particulates, fumes and even carbon-monoxide emissions are the hallmarks of a poorly ventilated home. Here are just …

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Common A/C Problems and the Best Practices for Solving Them

Colorado is gorgeous year-round, especially in the summer. But as much as Colorado residents love to be outside when it’s sunny and warm, having to spend at least some time indoors is a given. And that means you need your air conditioning on the warmest days. Unfortunately, an air conditioner …

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Swamp Coolers: They’re More Than They Used to Be

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are one of the oldest and most cost-efficient air conditioning systems available, and they are well-suited to the dry, hot weather of the Colorado Rockies. 

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Air Sealing Your Northwestern Colorado Home for Greater Savings and Comfort

In a climate like western Colorado’s, it’s easy to focus primarily on saving energy in the winter. But of course, it’s just as important in the summer. Fortunately, some of the home improvements you make to lower your energy bills in the winter can also help you take charge of your energy …

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