Special Needs of Wine Refrigeration

grapesWhat is in your wine? Dandelions! Yes, these pesky plants can be used to make wine. Dandelion flower wine was used early on for medicinal treatments for the kidneys.

The Drinkers of Wines

Who are the wine drinkers that contribute to the ever-increasing popularity of spirits? 44% of the 230 million adults in the United States drink wine; about 34 million of us are considered “high frequency” wine drinkers, who drink it more than once per week. 29% of drinkers are “occasional drinkers”, who drink wine once per week or less. Wine consumption has increased every year for the past 13 years, which means the demand for wine has increased. With that increase comes the need for specialized refrigeration in wine rooms, cellars, and keeps.

Wine Cellar Air Conditioning in Colorado

For avid wine drinkers with larger-than-average collections of wine, having a room or small space with the right level of refrigeration and humidity control is vital. Fortunately, it’s simple to add this kind of space to just about any building or home – an unused closet, room or basement works great. The ideal temperature range for wine cellars and storage rooms is about 55-58 degrees Fahrenheit, with a relative humidity of 55-75%. Extreme heat or cold can be devastating to wine, which is why having a reliable cooling system is vital.

AC Installation in Colorado for Wine Storage

Not to worry – Climate Control can help,serving Glenwood Springs and the Vail Valley Area including: Aspen, Edward, and Avon, Colorado! We can install, service and maintain special air conditioning systems that will keep the temperature of wine within the ideal range. By having our A/C service in Colorado help you take care of your special cooling system for your wine room or cellar, you’ll be sure to maintain a collection of wines that you’re proud of. There are several different systems available with a variety of features, including quiet operation, the ability to remotely control your cooling and heating system, indoor air quality,  and more.

Contact Climate Control Company today to find out how we can help install and maintain your own cooling system for your wine!

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Special Needs of Wine Refrigeration
What is in your wine? Dandelions! Yes, these pesky plants can be used to make wine. Dandelion flower wine was used early on for medicinal treatments for the kidneys.


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