Sizing Ductwork Leads To A High Return On Investment

Sizing Ductwork Leads To A High Return On InvestmentInstalling a new cooling or heating system or upgrading an old one can not only improve your comfort, but also raise the value of your Western Slope home. The key to enjoying that increase in value is buying quality equipment, making sure it’s installed properly and sizing ductwork to get the maximum efficiency from running your equipment. That’s why it’s so surprising that sizing ductwork, perhaps more than any other part of an HVAC installation, doesn’t get much attention.

Why is the size of your ductwork important? Ducts are the conduits that distribute conditioned air throughout your house. How much air arrives at its destination depends on the size and integrity of the ducts. Each room in your house has its own separate need for air depending on cubic footage, number of windows and doors, whether it gets morning or afternoon sun, etc. If you try to heat or cool each room the same, you’ll end up with some rooms that are never comfortable.

Improperly sized ducts can create a number of problems.

  • Temperature control. If you try to pump the same amount of air into your bathroom as you do your living room, one of the rooms will have extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Noise. The air may roar through the ducts, drowning out conversations or TV programs.
  • Circulation. If the air is moving too slowly due to ducts being too big or too small, it won’t mix well in the room. Since heat rises, you need proper air circulation to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • More frequent repairs. As your equipment struggles to maintain the set temperature throughout the house, it has to work harder. This wears down mechanical parts, causing them to need repair or replacement.
  • Energy usage. The extra work also results in increased energy consumption, which you will see in the form of higher utility bills.

Work with your contractor to make sure your ducts are sized correctly to solve these problems. This will make your investment in a new HVAC system a choice that will pay you back in comfort and savings.

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