When you choose to work with Climate Control Company on your project, you are guaranteed the best possible value with the least risk. Climate Control Company provides award winning quality installations for new commercial construction, replacing an existing system in commercial buildings, custom built homes as well as multi-family dwellings driven by:

  • Safety: Above all else Climate Control puts the safety of employees and clients first with the #1 goal being no accidents. To achieve this, a safety plan is in place with training taking place year round. Field and management staff include 7 personnel with 10 hour OSHA training and 1 with 30 hour OSHA training.
  • 3rd Party Verification. As an ACCA Quality Assurance (QA) contractor, work is verified to meet ACCA standard 5 installations. As a condition of this standard, all installations follow the SMANCA HVAC Construction Standards. Have confidence knowing your project will include standards such as: proper gauge metal, hangers/support and reinforcement insulation and liners always installed per specification.
  • Design work and calculations offer clients the same protection as they would get with a mechanical engineering firm.
  • Knowledgeable on current rebates and funding programs to maximize your investments like the CORE Commercial Efficiency Rebate — offering 25% of cost up to $2,500 per year on specified improvements.


Where in the World Will You Find Mini Splits?

One of the great things about ductless mini split heat pumps is their versatility. They can go just about anywhere. The idea got us at Climate Control Company thinking about some of the oddest places to put mini splits. If you’re still not familiar with them, mini splits, sometimes called …

Staying Cool for the Holiday

Here’s to hoping everyone has a really enjoyable 4th of July. Climate Control Company believes the holiday holds special significance when you live in the mountains; our summers are short. While there is much more warm weather to come, we know it won’t be long before we start seeing the …

R-22 = Rising Costs & Environmental Damage

Have you seen how crazy the story is getting concerning the phase-out of R-22 (Freon™) refrigerant? Climate Control Company wants to make sure our air conditioning clients in Aspen, Vail and the entire Western Slope are prepared for what’s ahead. The warnings about damage to the environment from R-22 started …


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