Radiant Floor Heating Is The Solution To Your Snow Problems

We’ve all been there. The alarm goes off and you can hear the wind howling outside. You turned the heat down to save money, but now your nose is cold and you don’t want to get out from under the covers because you know how cold that floor is going to be on your bare feet.

I have three words for you: Radiant Floor Heating. Imagine a nice heated floor thanks to electric underfloor heating elements. Or there’s hot water circulating in pipes under your floor which is called hydronic heating.

If you are building or remodeling your home, you owe it to yourself to check out the benefits of radiant heating. It turns the floors of your home into giant radiators, keeping the heat ready and available when and where you need it. Not only will that warm floor be heaven on your feet, but you won’t be late for work because you stayed snuggled in bed too long.

And let’s have a talk about that snow shovel (maybe several of them depending on where you live) in the garage. Wouldn’t it be fun to put it in deep storage, or sell it at your garage sale?

Think how much time and work you would save (not to mention your back and money for the chiropractor) with an underground snow melt system. It’s the same principle as the radiant floor heating, except the elements are under your driveway and sidewalks keeping it snow and ice free without the backbreaking labor of shoveling. All with just the flip of a switch.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of that snowblower and the hated snow shovel, you have room in your garage for that classic car or motorcycle you’ve always wanted. And the best way to protect that investment during a winter in the garage is with an infrared heater. They are an efficient way to heat a room using the same principle of radiant heating that the sun uses to warm the earth. Instead of heating the air, the infrared waves heat the objects in the room which then give off heat, warming the entire space. Best of all, you don’t need any ductwork to carry the heated air.

Give us a call so you can talk with a heating expert about the benefits of purchasing a Lochinbar system for your radiant heating needs. Whether the goal is to keep your feet warm, or make life easier by keeping your driveway free of snow and ice, there are some amazing solutions we’d love to share.

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Radiant Floor Heating Is The Solution To Your Snow Problems
Stay warm this winter with radiant floor heating and an infrared red heater. Keep your home warm and cozy while you enjoy the holiday season. Contact us today!


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