How Humidifiers Can Help Keep The Flu Bug At Bay

Winter ushers in cold weather and everything that comes with it, including snow and ice. It also means that the flu season, which plagues families from coast to coast, is upon us. There are many ways you can prevent and battle the nasty effects of the flu; including eating healthy and exercising, washing your hands regularly and visiting your local medical clinic for a flu shot. But another preventative tactic families do not think about is maintaining the indoor air quality (IAQ) in their home.

IAQ is imperative to promoting family health and can make it tough for germs and other allergens to invade your home. A great way to improve and maintain IAQ in your home is to install a whole-home humidifier. Previously, we have talked about the importance of air filtration in enhancing IAQ; this month, we turn our focus on how proper humidification can improve IAQ and help your family ward off the flu.

During the winter months, cooler air generally means drier air. This in turn, translates into low humidity in your home, which can be problematic for many reasons. Airborne germs and viruses often thrive in low humidity conditions. Low humidity also leads to many other health issues; including dry and cracked skin, sore and scratchy throats, and heightened allergy and asthma symptoms. And who doesn’t jump a little when a static electricity crackle interrupts a handshake or hug? Low humidity may even warp wood furniture (oh no, there goes grandma’s antique piano!), create separation in wood flooring, and cause molding around windows and cabinets to crack and gap.

Problems that low humidity creates in your home can be effectively resolved by adding a humidifier to your home’s comfort system. Whole home humidifiers, connected directly to the ductwork of your heating and cooling system, will promote effective and efficient distribution of clean, humidified air throughout your home. An added benefit is that properly humidified air will also help you feel more comfortable at lower temperatures, thereby allowing you to set your thermostat lower and decrease your energy costs.

In addition to humidifiers, other options for improving your home’s IAQ and keeping your family safe from the flu bug include Honeywell humidifiers, air purification, and ultraviolet light systems. Learn more about these systems as well as how to tackle low humidity issues by calling your friends at Climate Control Company today.

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How Humidifiers Can Help Keep The Flu Bug At Bay
Winter is coming. Indoor air quality is essential in helping eliminate viruses, germs and other allergens from your home. Contact us today for more info.


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