Geothermal and Solar


GeoTreeLoop Geothermal and solar is becoming more and more popular among home and business owners and even among government agencies across the nation due to their ability to reduce utility bills by up to 70% and make a significant reduction in overall greenhouse emissions. To further this significant savings, through the end of 2016 you can receive up to 30% of your installation cost back as a tax credit. These financial rewards make either of these a very attractive solution for many in the Western Slope. Climate Control Company is one of the few contractors in the Roaring Fork and Vail Valley areas that are specialized to provide Geothermal and solar solutions.

Call today to learn more about how these great “Green” solutions may be the choice you have been looking for saving on your utility bills and helping the environment.

Geothermal and Solar System Partners

  • Oventrop
  • Buderus
  • Viessmann


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