Financing, Rebates & Tax Credits Are Options If New Furnace Is On The List

During the holiday season it is hard to keep track of all the expenses. Shopping, dining and entertainment costs add up quickly and can put a burden on the budget.

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, replacing your home’s HVAC system is probably not an expense you were thinking about. However, tis the season when your home’s heating system is hard at it, keeping your home cozy and your family comfortable. When you consider the Farmer’s Almanac prediction of colder winter weather for many across the country, it is time to start paying attention to your old HVAC system. Chances are, it may be working harder than it should and the result could be noticeable heating problems. These issues could quickly escalate into costly repair issues or possible system breakdown.

Now may be the time to consider replacing your old or ineffective system. We would not count on Santa – his sleigh will be full of toys, after all – so it’s time to explore other options. As you try to juggle all the holiday expenses, moving forward with such an expenditure can be tough. The good news is your decision can be made easier and more budget friendly, thanks to numerous options. Most manufacturers offer significant rebates on the purchase of their products. Special financing is available on many manufacturers’ systems. Here at Climate Control Company, financing options can be made through Wells Fargo.
Federal tax credits are also available when you upgrade your system with one more efficient and environmentally friendly. Community Office For Resource Efficiency (CORE), offers tax credit options. Go to for more information.

OK, so you have looked at financing assistance, rebates and tax credits and the thought of a monthly payment is still a bit scary. But remember to consider this: the savings you will realize on your utility bills. A new HVAC system – especially a system with a programmable thermostat that provides more control – will be more efficient, thereby reducing energy waste.Your energy costs could be reduced by as much as 50%, money that can be applied towards the purchase of the new system. Also, you will immediately notice the difference in more consistent, total home comfort with a newer, more efficient system.

CCC understands the unwanted stress that replacing your heating and cooling system now can bring. But we are ready to help lessen the burden and make it more affordable. And we know that heading into the new year with improved comfort and utility savings will be reason to celebrate. Call your friends at Climate Control Company today to learn more about HVAC system replacement and all the financing plans, potential rebates and tax credit savings available. Out with the old, in with the new!

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Financing, Rebates & Tax Credits Are Options If New Furnace Is On The List
Don’t let a broken HVAC unit ruin your holidays. With special financing, rebates & tax credits, you can save your money for the important things this season


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