He’s Too Hot. She’s Too Cold. How to Get It Just Right

ductless mini splits fix uneven heating cooling


This is a frequent conversation had by many:

She says, “Honey, it’s cold out here in the living room. My nose is cold and my fingers are turning blue. Please turn the heat up.”

He responds with, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m in the family room watching the game and I’ve already stripped down to my boxers and T-shirt and I’m STILL sweating!”

Sound familiar? Does the conversation happen during the cooling AND heating seasons?

Climate Control Company knows uneven heating or cooling is one of the complaints heard most often. Clients tell us one room is too hot while another is too cold.

Even with the huge advances in the HVAC industry this problem does happen, but there are a lot of ways our professional technicians can help you end this seemingly never-ending family feud.


Consider adding a ductless mini-split heat pump to supplement your current system. As many as four indoor air handlers can be connected to one outside condenser. Some call them ventless air conditioners, but using heat pump technology they can be used to heat or cool a specific room. Each of the indoor units can be set to different temperatures. As the name implies, mini splits deliver the conditioned air directly to a specific room. Many industry experts believe ductless HVAC is the wave of the future. Climate Control handles mini splits from Mitsubishi and Fujitsu.


If for whatever reason mini splits are not an option, then let Climate Control talk with you about system-wide zoning as part of your current HVAC system. You can connect multiple thermostats to one control panel. The thermostats control dampers inside your ducts allowing you to direct more or less heating or cooling to specific areas in the home.


In some cases, your ductwork may be the reason for the uneven heating or cooling. Let us inspect the ducts for leaks, make sure they are the right size for your system, repair any issues, and look for any other reasons the proper amount of air may not be getting to some rooms in your home. A central system can lose as much as 30% of its efficiency as the conditioned air is delivered to the different rooms.

In short, there is no reason to be uncomfortable in your own home. If you are ready to end the household temperature bickering, now is the time to get help from our professional technicians at Climate Control. You can depend on us for all of your service, repair, and maintenance needs in Aspen, Vail, and the surrounding areas on the Western Slope.


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