Control Systems


Although they tend to be complex, the keystone to sound comfort systems and guaranteed functionality is maintaining control over their operation. Experienced control experts on staff who offer sound control solutions tailored to each client’s needs is what sets Climate Control Company apart from other companies. From basic to advanced, Climate Control creates the best comfort and performance using the least energy, including the use of solar and geothermal for maximum savings. Click here to see examples of our controls and quality installations.

A newer trend in control systems is access to heating, cooling, and humidification systems via electronic devices such as phones and tablets. Advanced control systems will effectively communicate with home and building automation systems, desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets all together. With the ability to control systems electronically, an alert of any potential system failure is communicated to the homeowner or business owner before the problem can escalate. For more information about our quality residential installations, rebate programs available, financing information and more click here.


Autumn is Here—Prepare Now for What’s to Follow

Here we are. Autumn has officially arrived. For many people, it’s their favorite time of the year. The hot summer is gone. The air is cool and crisp in the morning. Nature is putting on a spectacular show of color. Your friends at Climate Control Company hope you enjoy all …

Don’t let This Happen to You

Climate Control Company has a cautionary story for the owners and/or managers of rental properties. It’s a tale of a ruined weekend, hurt feelings, dissatisfied customers, and lost income. It was relayed to us by a business contact who we’ll call Matt. Matt and a group of more than a …

Trade Your Current Job for a Career in the HVAC Industry

“Man, I need to find a better job because there’s no future in what I’m doing now.” How many times have you said that, or heard someone else say it? As we celebrate the American worker on Labor Day, Climate Control Company wants you to know we have the help …


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