Control Systems


Although they tend to be complex, the keystone to sound comfort systems and guaranteed functionality is maintaining control over their operation. Experienced control experts on staff who offer sound control solutions tailored to each client’s needs is what sets Climate Control Company apart from other companies. From basic to advanced, Climate Control creates the best comfort and performance using the least energy, including the use of solar and geothermal for maximum savings. Click here to see examples of our controls and quality installations.

A newer trend in control systems is access to heating, cooling, and humidification systems via electronic devices such as phones and tablets. Advanced control systems will effectively communicate with home and building automation systems, desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets all together. With the ability to control systems electronically, an alert of any potential system failure is communicated to the homeowner or business owner before the problem can escalate. For more information about our quality residential installations, rebate programs available, financing information and more click here.


Where in the World Will You Find Mini Splits?

One of the great things about ductless mini split heat pumps is their versatility. They can go just about anywhere. The idea got us at Climate Control Company thinking about some of the oddest places to put mini splits. If you’re still not familiar with them, mini splits, sometimes called …

Staying Cool for the Holiday

Here’s to hoping everyone has a really enjoyable 4th of July. Climate Control Company believes the holiday holds special significance when you live in the mountains; our summers are short. While there is much more warm weather to come, we know it won’t be long before we start seeing the …

R-22 = Rising Costs & Environmental Damage

Have you seen how crazy the story is getting concerning the phase-out of R-22 (Freon™) refrigerant? Climate Control Company wants to make sure our air conditioning clients in Aspen, Vail and the entire Western Slope are prepared for what’s ahead. The warnings about damage to the environment from R-22 started …


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