Clean and Comfortable Radiant Floor Heating

Millions of homes are heated by some form of a forced air system, a fan blowing heated air through ducts and into the rooms of your house. Like the old saying goes, it gets the job done, but it may not be the best way or most efficient way to do it. We have two words for you – radiant heating.

Sometimes during cold weather the circulating air in your home actually makes you feel colder, just like having a fan on. An efficient and comfortable solution is radiant heating—either electrical or hot liquid heating elements that are built into the structure of your home.

The most common form of radiant heating is heating elements installed under the floor, but it can also be installed in the walls and ceilings. Instead of using your HVAC system to warm the air, radiant heating warms the objects in a room which then transfers the warmth to people and other objects. There is no air blowing on you.

Think about it, no matter how cold it is outside, when you get up in the morning the floor under your feet can be nice and warm. No more staying under the covers because you don’t want to walk on that cold floor.

Now let’s talk about cleanliness. Have you ever watched the sun streaming through a window highlighting dust particles floating in the air? You likely asked yourself, “where does all that dust come from?” A lot of it is carried by your forced air system. With radiant heating, no dust, pollen or other pollutants will be circulated through the air. This is good for your nose and your lungs.

Radiant heating is also easy to set up in multiple zones throughout your home, allowing you to heat areas only when they’re in use, and different zones can be set for differing temperatures and individual needs.

Some business and homeowners have opted to make their lives easier by adding radiant heating to their driveway, parking lots and sidewalks. The Denver Bronco’s have utilized radiant heating under their football field. This genius design has so many applications. We’d love to explore all of the unlimited options for you.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can have perfect comfort, give your favorite local heating and cooling professional, better known as Climate Control, a call right now. We look forward to helping you find out how easy and convenient it is to add radiant heating to your new construction or remodeling project.

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Clean and Comfortable Radiant Floor Heating
An efficient and comfortable solution to the cool winter breeze in your home is radiant flooring. Discover the benefits and if radiant flooring is right for you


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