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Experts everywhere dish out cooling advice when summer sets in and we are all trying to beat the heat. While some air conditioning tips can be helpful, many others are not accurate. Here are some of the frequent myths, misunderstandings and inaccurate advice about air conditioning that your friends at Climate Control Company hear:

  • An A/C system running at a consistent temperature all day will save money and reduce spikes in usage. Actually, it’s not a good idea to just set it and forget it. A smarter idea is to use a programmable thermostat, which allows you to control when you want your air conditioner running (or not).
  • When purchasing a new air conditioner, a large system will cool your house more easily and cheaper than a small one. Bigger is not necessarily better. It is more important to find the central A/C system that is an optimal fit for your home, based on factors such as the the size of your home and your budget.
  • Air filters maintenance is not as important in the summer as it is during the winter. Definitely not true! Whatever the season and no matter whether it is your furnace or A/C running, dust and other particles are collected by filters year-round. Regular air filter maintenance is an important component of home comfort system health.
  • Where your central air conditioning unit is located does not matter and will not affect your system’s performance. Actually, where you install the unit is important – for instance, the north and east sides of your home will generally be more shady. Studies show that air conditioner efficiency decreases with prolonged operation in direct sunlight.
  • If it’s not broke, don’t fix it—air conditioning units don’t need inspection or service unless something is wrong. On the contrary, regular preventative maintenance helps make sure your system doesn’t break down and leave you high and dry in the dog days of summer.

A/C advice is great, but it is always better to get it from the professionals. If you want to stay cool all summer, call Climate Control today for system analysis, inspection and maintenance.

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Air Conditioning Facts & Fiction
Everyone has tricks and tips about how to fix or maintain an A/C unit, but most aren't true. Check out some common myths and truths about your A/C unit.


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