Which Heat Pump is Best for Cold Climates?

Which Heat Pump is Best for Cold Climates?

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Which Heat Pump is Best for Cold Climates?

Without a doubt, the Western Slope winters are cold and snowy. Homeowners of the Glenwood Springs, Roaring Fork and Vail Valley areas know the best source for learning which heating option is the best is Climate Control Company. We’ve been providing quality home comfort products and services since 1956. Our heating systems certainly get a workout during our long winters, so you want to be sure the option you choose is the one your home needs but that also fits your budget.  Heat pumps have been a popular heating choice since the energy crisis of the 1970’s. Technology has grown and improved over the last 50 years. In the early days, very few would’ve recommended a heat pump as an economical heat source for the Colorado area. But Climate Control Company stays up on technology and confidently offers cold-weather heat pumps for many home heating applications. 

What Is a Cold-Weather Heat Pump?

Cold-weather heat pumps are the latest in heat pump technology. They have definitely upped the heating game by offering an affordable home comfort system choice that is efficient, offering both energy and utility cost savings.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Have the capacity to offer heating and cooling, meaning you won’t need a separate heating unit and air conditioner.
  • Can provide heat in freezing temperatures without sacrificing efficiency. 

One of the key factors in choosing a cold-weather heat pump is having the right installer. To get the maximum amount of savings and efficiency from it, your installation must be done according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The unit also needs to match the size, layout and design of your home. If there’s a mismatch, your system won’t run properly, which will cost you money in the long run.

To get the most from your home comfort investment, choose Climate Control Company for your cold-weather heat pump. Our technicians are fully vetted and trained. You can trust that your experience with us will be professional and to your satisfaction from the first phone call through payment of the final invoice. 

Make your appointment today and learn how a cold-weather heat pump can help you save money and keep you warm all winter long.