Pros & Cons of Residential Geothermal

Pros & Cons of Residential Geothermal

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Pros & Cons of Residential Geothermal

Residential Geothermal: Is It Worth It?

Climate Control Company is a leader in the Roaring Fork and Vail Valleys for providing quality heating products and service, residential geothermal installation and maintenance. We take pride in prioritizing our ability to provide our clients with heating options that save money while also allowing you to care for the environment. 

Geothermal technology is a growing heating option across the Western Slope and even the continental U.S. Residential geothermal is an eco-friendly way to provide total home comfort using the temperate air below the earth’s crust for heating in the winter months and cooling when it’s warm outside. There are three basic types of geothermal installations, horizontal, vertical and pond/lake. Horizontal residential geothermal is typically the most affordable for homeowners. 

In most cases, geothermal is the most efficient heating option available. Residential geothermal consumers can typically expect to lower energy costs by up to 70%. It’s important to remember though, that just because geothermal systems are mostly underground doesn’t dismiss the need for maintenance.

Like traditional fossil fuel or electric heating systems, geothermal heating and cooling requires regular system maintenance to ensure it’s running at its best. Scheduled maintenance also allows the technician to repair faulty or worn parts before there’s a complete system breakdown. 

Residential Geothermal Maintenance

Since your geothermal system uses a heat pump all the components will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected, including the condensate drain. 

An integral part of any heating system, including geothermal, is your filter. Maintaining a clean filter is key to ensuring the system isn’t choked by dirt and that you’re not breathing in dirty unhealthy air.

Climate Control Company has the experience and trained personnel to professionally maintain your geothermal heating system. Let us help you properly care for one of your most expensive investments.

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