Honeywell Vs. Lennox – Smart Thermostat Comparison

Honeywell Vs. Lennox - Smart Thermostat Comparison

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Honeywell Vs. Lennox - Smart Thermostat Comparison

Honeywell vs. Lennox – Smart Thermostat Comparison

Any online search will reveal smart thermostats can save you money on utility bills. While that is a major outcome, there are other great benefits to upgrading from a standard to a WIFI based smart thermostat. 

Many smart thermostats are easy to use and provide the ultimate experience in being in control of your indoor environment. Raise or lower settings, check temperatures in real-time or monitor vacation settings from any smart device where there is internet access. Some even allow you to have control over the indoor humidity, which is important for comfort as well as indoor air quality. There are other benefits as well, depending on the specific manufacturer. 

Consumer Reports recently tested some of the top available thermostats. Comparisons were studied regarding set-up, programming, manual operation and the readability of the display. Among those rating the highest are Honeywell and Lennox, two leading manufacturers of HVAC products and accessories. 


Honeywell smart thermostats are generally easy to set up and have competitive price points to appeal to a wide demographic of homeowners. Some have larger displays making viewing very easy. The Honeywell Focus Pro Wireless can accommodate multiple thermostats in various locations, making it a perfect choice for multi-home structures or zoned residential applications.

Honeywell works only with low voltage systems, which is the biggest drawback.


Like Honeywell, Lennox offers a wide array of smart thermostats to appeal to consumers at various price points. Lennox’s iComfort E30 model is a universal thermostat that can work with your existing Lennox system and may also be compatible with other non-Lennox products. 

You have choices when it comes to which smart thermostat will work with your home comfort system. The bottom line is, using one is a great way to manage your energy costs and your overall comfort.

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