Everything to Know About Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Everything to Know About Cold Climate Heat Pumps

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Everything to Know About Cold Climate Heat Pumps

You may think heat pump technology is relatively new and has yet to be fully tested, especially in colder temperatures. But nothing could be further from the truth. The first heat pump was invented over 160 years ago in Austria. Heat pumps as a U.S. home heating option gained some popularity in the 1950s and 60s, but it wasn’t until the oil crisis of the 1970s that heat pumps became a more popular choice in moderate climates since they operate by electricity rather than fuel. Over the years, the technology has been honed and improved upon to what we have available today, including the cold climate heat pump, which can be a very energy-efficient and economical choice for your home comfort system.

They are also known as air source heat pumps. They can be ducted or ductless and are available in single-zone or multi-zone applications. Two key elements offered by a cold climate air source heat pump is the ability to heat indoor spaces when outdoor temperatures are extremely low and doing it with clean energy. 

These pumps have even been used in Alaska, proving homeowners in the Aspen, Vail or Glenwood Springs, Colorado areas can also utilize this innovative technology to heat and cool their residences. The trained technicians at Climate Control Company have the expertise to help you decide if a cold climate air source heat pump is right for your primary or vacation residence on the Western Slope.

Advantages of Operating a Cold Climate Heat Pump 

  • Air source heat pumps use clean electric energy
  • Eliminates the need for an unattractive propane tank
  • Able to be used in areas of sub-zero temperatures

Ignore the naysayers who proclaim a cold climate air source heat pump isn’t a good choice to heat and cool your Vail area home. Climate Control Company stays up to date on advances in HVAC technology, so our customers have information and opportunity for the best home comfort system solutions for their needs. Contact our courteous staff today to schedule your comfort consultation.