What’s Even Better Than The Energy Star? The Most Efficient Label

What's Even Better Than The Energy Star? The Most Efficient Label

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When shopping for new heating and cooling equipment for your home, it’s important that you find the most energy-efficient equipment that fits both your home and your pocketbook. Until now, the gold standard for such efficiency has been Energy Star. If you see its logo on the outside of an appliance, this means you’re getting equipment that meets federal governmental standards for efficiency.

Old standards not enough anymore
In the past, appliances that reached the standards necessary to carry the Energy Star label were few and far between. But in recent years, thanks to increases in both technology and manufacturer awareness, in addition to the desire to compete with similar products, the Energy Star label has become almost commonplace. Because of this, it became imperative that a newer, improved system be developed to separate and reward those appliances that were at the top of the energy-efficiency ladder. Thus, the Most Efficient program was born.

A new degree of excellence
For consumers who want the very best in energy efficiency for their Western Slope home, a new standard of excellence is now available, Energy Star’s “Most Efficient” label. To earn the right for this new label, a piece of equipment must adhere to the highest standards in energy efficiency and performance.

To find out which appliances meet this new standard, visit the Energy Star website. There are four categories to choose from: washers, refrigerators, televisions, and heating and cooling equipment. This latter category is separated into air conditioners, furnaces and geothermal heat pumps. Once you select the category you want, you’ll find a list of specific brands and models that meet the Most Efficient criteria. Each listing provides additional information for that specific model, such as its features, estimated energy usage, and estimated lifetime cost of its operation.

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