Do Mini Splits Work in the Snow?

Do Mini Splits Work in the Snow?

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Do Mini Splits Work in the Snow?

Do Mini-Splits Work in Snowy Climates?

Even though they’ve gained in popularity, mini-splits are probably among the most misunderstood HVAC components. Often assumed by homeowners to be air conditioners only, mini-splits are also perfect as a primary or secondary heat source in your home. Mini-split technology continues to evolve, making mini-splits a versatile option for homeowners nationwide, even in the cold, snowy climate of the Colorado Western Slope.

Mini-splits are relatively inexpensive to operate. They don’t require ductwork, which makes them a fantastic choice for home additions or remodels where installing ductwork is an impossibility. Mini-split heat pumps are not only a versatile home heating option but they’re also economical regardless of where you may live. 


Traditional heat pumps remove the cold air from inside the home and transfer it to the outside. Mini-split heat pumps work much the same way. In addition, mini-splits can also cool indoor air during the warmer months, where the process is reversed. Warm air is transferred outside. The dual capability of the mini-split adds to its versatility and economy.

Mini-split systems have both indoor and outdoor units. The air handler, evaporator coil and blower are inside while the compressor/condensing unit is located outside. The heated or cooled air is transported through a small pipe installed through the wall to the indoor unit. You only need one outdoor unit for up to indoor air handlers. The outdoor unit can be located up to 50 feet away from the indoor air handler. One outdoor unit can manage up to four indoor components.

Typically, mini-split heat pumps are installed in individual rooms, so indoor spaces can be heated or cooled as desired. Some mini-splits are equipped with sensors allowing them to turn on when the room is occupied and shut off when it’s not. Energy isn’t wasted heating or cooling rooms that don’t need it. 

If you’re already considering having a mini-split system installed or would like more information, Climate Control Company has the experience to install and maintain your mini-split heat pump system.

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