Oldest Furnace Contest

Prize: A new gas furnace unit only will be installed at the home of the winner with the oldest working gas heating system.

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Contest Details: A representative will contact you to schedule convenient appointment to verify the age of the furnace. If your heating system is over 10 years old you qualify for the NO cost, no obligation home comfort diagnostic survey and energy saving audit that will require 60-90 minutes. Even if your unit is not the oldest we encounter, you are going to know just how much energy and money you can save while dramatically improving your comfort and indoor air quality. The unit must be working properly. Home must be owned by the person entering the contest and be present during time of verification. No cash value to prizes. The winner will be notified within 14 days of contest closing. Prize includes the specified equipment, related labor and connectors for a standard installation. Any additional cost for custom work necessary will be at the expense of the winner. If the winner chooses not to accept the installation, the next oldest will be chosen and contacted. Entrant and the oldest system must be
located in dealer’s service area to qualify. Deadline 3/15/14.


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